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SEO Tool for Joomla And Wordpress

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is comprised of two major parts, off page SEO and on page SEO. Off page SEO refers to anything done outside of the actual website that helps it rank higher in search engines such as building backlinks and content marketing. On page SEO is all about the elements that make up your website that attract search engines such as proper keyword density, page structure, META tags, URL structure etc. SEO is definitely a strenuous task, but if you’re using a CMS such as WordPress or Joomla!, taking the proper steps to rank your website becomes much easier thanks to SEO plugins and extensions.
In this post, we’ll take a look at the top SEO plugins for both WordPress and Joomla! that will help your site rank higher in search engines such as Google and Bing. It’s important to realize that on page optimization is only part of the solution for ranking higher in the search engine results page (SERP). Don’t forget to build high quality backlinks in conjunction with the plugins mentioned in this post to really improve where your site ranks for target keywords.
WordPress SEO Plugins
We will start off with the top SEO plugins for WordPress. Not all of these plugins will be an all-in-one solution, so it’s best to use them in combination with each other instead of just relying on one.
1: WordPress SEO by Yoast
When you Google “WordPress SEO plugin”, the first result on the page is this plugin. The 3rd result is a page about WordPress SEO by the company that makes the plugin, Yoast. That should give you an idea of why this plugin is so useful and beneficial. It’s made by people who understand SEO and know the ins and outs of WordPress. The Yoast WordPress SEO plugin allows you to control everything from:
- Meta tags
- Xml sitemap
- RSS feed
- Breadcrumbs
- Robot.txt file
- Much more
SEO Yoast Plugin by WordPress
It has proven to be one of the most complete SEO plugin available for quite some time and has landed on top of many lists for Best WordPress SEO plugins. Nearly any element that effects on page SEO is able to be tweaked with this plugin. The on page analysis feature even lets you see what you could be doing to further optimize a page. You cannot go wrong with the Yoast SEO plugin.
Try it: Download
2: All in One SEO Pack
This is the second most popular all-around SEO plugin for WordPress. It has many of the same features as the Yoast plugin and some people even prefer it over Yoast’s. One of the major benefits that you get with this plugin is that it provides SEO integration for WP e-Commerce site. For businesses that use WordPress to power their web store, this plugin might be just what you need. Another great thing about this plugin is that it works well for people with very little SEO knowledge and SEO experts as well. The options are simple and the setup is very easy to follow. Some of the other benefits you’ll get with All in One SEO Pack are:
- Advanced canonical URLs
- Custom post types
- API is built in so it works well with other plugins
- Ability to customize nearly everything
- Set custom META data
All in one seo pack
You can choose either the free or Pro version for $39 plus a monthly fee.
Try it: Download
3: SEO Rank Reporter
One of the most important factors of SEO is tracking where you rank for certain keywords. There are several different software programs available for this, but if you’re running a WordPress site, the SEO Rank Reporter plugin is a great option. This plugin allows you to track where you rank for certain keywords, as well as see what phrases or keywords users are searching to find your site.
seo ranker
One of the great features of this plugin is that it reports the ranking status for your keywords every 3 days. Since the SERP is fairly dynamic, updating results every 3 days is a great indicator of how your SEO is doing. All of the keywords that you are tracking can be displayed in the form of graphs to see the correlation between the keywords you’re ranking for, and how many page visits you’re getting from searches looking for those keywords. This is an excellent way to help you analyze your click through rate (CTR) as well.
Try it: Download
4: W3 Total Cache
One part of on page SEO that often gets overlooked is loading time. Google looks at how fast a website loads in determining the rankings. Google’s goal/mission is to ensure users get the best website results when they make queries using their search engine. Pages that take 30 seconds to load do not fit into that description. So making sure your page loads as fast as possible is very important.
w3 total cache
W3 Total Cache has helped decrease the load time of many WordPress sites such as,, and to name a few. Some of the features of this caching plugin are:
- Compatible with shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated servers
- Works on mobile browsers
- Transparent CDN for media library, theme files, and WordPress files
- Caching database objects, objects in memory, feeds, and more
Try it: Download
5: Google XML Sitemaps
In the event that you don’t use the Yoast SEO plugin, you’re going to want the Google XML Sitemaps plugin in order to create an XML sitemap of your site. The way Google analyzes the pages and posts on your site is through your site sitemap. A sitemap is a special page on your site with all of the pages mapped out. You absolutely need to have one if you want your site to rank well in Google. This plugin creates your sitemap with the click of a button. After installing the plugin, simply create your first sitemap and you’re set to go.
google xml sitemap
Google XML Sitemaps will update your sitemap regularly as well so new pages/posts are added as they’re created. A great feature of this plugin is that you can choose what content is included in your sitemap so you may exclude archive pages, tags pages, and other pages that are relatively useless for SEO purposes. The goal with your sitemap is to steer Google towards the pages with content you wish to rank for, and this plugin does that very well.
It’s also very important that you submit your website’s sitemap to Google via Google Webmaster Tools. The plugin will provide you with the URL for your sitemap which typically looks like This is the URL you will submit in Google Webmaster tools.
Try it: Download
Joomla! SEO Extensions
Next, we’ll take a look at the top SEO extensions for Joomla! Unlike WordPress, Joomla! doesn’t come with many SEO options by default so you will need to rely heavily upon extensions to ensure your site is properly optimized for search engines.
1: SEO Simple
SEO Simple is a Joomla! SEO extension designed to help with the META description of your website’s pages. By default, Joomla! gives you the option to either set global META data used for every page, or customize each page’s META data individually. This extension automatically generates META description based on the page’s content which eliminates the need to manually add the information yourself for each page.
seo simple
The extension uses a defined number of words at the beginning of each page to generate the META data. For example, you may set the first 150 characters (which is the standard) to be used in order to generate the data. It’s a good SEO practice to make sure that any keywords that your page is targeting are mentioned within the first couple of sentences of the page. When the extension grabs the first few sentences to generate the META description, your keyword will be present.
If you set a custom META description for the page, the auto generated description from the plugin will be overridden.
Try it: Download
2: Xmap
The Xmap extension creates a sitemap for your Joomla! site. This extension works similarly to the WordPress plugin mentioned earlier. The sitemap generated by the extension will be compatible with all major search engines including:
- Google
- Bing
- Yahoo
The extension uses the structure of your website’s menus in order to generate the sitemap of your site. You can also generate multiple sitemaps and specify preferences for each one. In addition to this, the plugin also displays statistics for each sitemap. The extension also allows you to specify the priority of each page so Google and other search engines know which pages to check for content the most frequently. The extension keeps great statistics such as the number of visits, how many links were generated on the last visit, the last date the sitemap was visited, and more. This is arguably the best XML sitemap extension there is for Joomla!
Try it: Download
3: sh404SEF
It’s difficult to classify what type of extension sh404SEF is because it does so many different things. However, a majority of the extension’s features are geared towards SEO so most people know it as an SEO extension even though it has social media features as well. As for the SEO benefits of this extension, they include:
- Google Analytics support
- Custom URL structure
- META data management
- Canonical headers
- Redirect 404’s
- Manage page titles
- Caching
- Track social sharing statistics of your site
As you can see, sh404SEF is a well-rounded extension that helps your site’s SEO on several different levels. The social sharing aspect of it is particularly appealing because social media sharing has begun to play a major role in how sites are ranked so it’s an important metric to track.
Try it: Download
4: JoomSEF
I prefaced this Joomla! extensions section by mentioning that this CMS isn’t natively SEO friendly (SEF). This is made evident by the default URL structure for pages in Joomla! which consists of random strings of characters that don’t help search engines identify what your pages are about at all. Since Joomla! does not allow users to choose their own URL structure by default, this extension is a necessity. The general practice is to use the title of your page in the URL structure, which should have the target keywords in it.
joomla sef
This extension comes in both a free and paid version ($35.52). Since the biggest benefit of this extension is the ability to set SEF URLs, the free version would probably be the best choice when used in conjunction with one of the other SEO extensions we’ve listed.
Try it: Download
5: JoomSEO
The final extension we will talk about is JoomSEO which is another all-in-one type of SEO extension. It allows you to generate automatic META data such as descriptions and keywords by using your page’s content and title. This means that you no longer have to manually go into each page to set custom META tags. Some of the other great features of JoomSEO are:
- Variable phrase lengths
- Choose words to exclude from keywords
- Choose heading tags (h1,h2,h3,etc.)
- Caching
- Edit site name, page titles, page description and more
joomla seo
The settings for this extension are also very customizable so you can edit them to your liking and to fit your needs.
Try it: Download
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